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These Words... Are BACK [05 Aug 2005|01:46pm]
[ mood | content ]


im back on here... ya... i forgot about this, and im back on here.... its better... haha.

so ya. today im seeing DUKES OF HAZZARD.. should be fun!

right now, im on itunes, i bought the AAR Cd, and im getting that Natasha Bedingfield CD.. its sounds good

so, bye!

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Time To Say Goodbye [26 Apr 2005|03:23pm]
[ mood | sad ]

ive moved on to better things... myspace!!!

add me on there! i update off there, because all my friends are on there and they always check my profile!!!!

search me email:


hope to see you all there!

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im not gonna lie [20 Feb 2005|10:20am]
ok im not going to lie.. the play really was kind of boring.. no scenery.. 30 something minutes!! cmon PEOPLE!! lol... but Stephen was hilarious.. also was Sierra, and Garret was funny also! so was Lauren. ok so everyone was good :) lol but the play was kinda boring.... ya then afterwards, it ended @ 7:40 and it houghti t would end @ 9 and thats the time i told my sister to pick me up!!!! it was so bad! so Dura, Brittnee, and Brandee were waiting the whole time for me.. they went to see 'Hitch' and invited me, but my parents said NO :( .. so since Britt can drive they waited an hour with me but we had SOOO much fun! i was chasing them around taking duras phone so she wouldnt ask my parents if i could go because i knew they would say no, but then we just sat in Britt's car and talked about scary stalkers while waiting for my sister! it was such a good time! better than the play lol... then i came home, and just ate food!

Dani and mine song is 'Over' by Linday Lohan .. haha... she obsessovily sings it and i told her that will be our song! our best buddies song, even though its the worst song in the history of the world :)

bye ho's!
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Rain Rain, GO AWAY! [18 Feb 2005|06:56pm]
[ mood | tired ]

god.. im so sick of the rain! my shoes are always getting soaked, and my pants!!! its like im walking through water everyday! school is so annoying! well, it is, but it pissed me off because after school me and Brittnee were walking me to the light so i can cross the street to go home from school, but we stood by the parking lot for awhile, near the baseball field where u turn to get to the bus bay, and we were having the most HILARIOUS talk, but ill keep it hush-hush! nothing will beat what we were talking about! i think i was crying/laughing it was great! but then, randomly it starts POURING rain!!! i got so mad, and shes like 'do you want a ride' and im like.. are you sure and she gave me one! lol... shes the coolest senior! lol... so now im stuck here on friday doing nothing, but tomorrow im going to the school play with EVERYONE! why everyone wants to go to saturdays who knows, but im going to see Stephen and Chris... it should be fun times.. Brandee, i wanna hear the whoooole story

well, im gonna go talk to mah peeps because theres like 7 things flashing on the bottom of this :)


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[16 Feb 2005|10:26pm]


this pic doesnt look at me.. it makes me look fat actually but the cool effect it has makes it ok...


look at de STREET lamplight!


another pic that doesnt look at me and one of my retarted looks again!

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wow.. this need an UPDATE [16 Feb 2005|08:30pm]
[ mood | <--- haha.. Danijela lol ]

today, had to be the LONGEST day ever!!! ok, so it was late start but I had to come in Math to retake a test, to get my grade back to an A. so i have to walk to ghetto lameass school but my mom offered to drive me but i thought noone would be there that early, and i saw Graciela going to middle school or waiting by the busstop. i havent seen her in forever!. so i get there @ 8:20 and it starts @ 8:30 so noones there iw as like GREAAAT... then i walk up to the cafetria, to see just MAYBE if anyone was in there.. sure enough, EVERYONE WAS!!!! alot of people i knew then i was gonna bug Tiffany and Rachael but went to annoy Danielja, Shannon and Stephen.. so we sat and talked for awhile.. Stephen told us Caleb broke up with Geoff..... Danijela: "is that the best gossip you have!" LMAO.... anyways, so we walk outside, and talk then go back in and help Louisa with her poster thing for science. then me and shannon go to Math and retake our test then get out of there and meet up with everyone..... then school started! @ 9:26 and me and shannon and stephen walk to spanish and were bored as usual.. i dont like that class. Zulon always tries to get me in trouble because he thinks i think its funny but it is really annoying me!!! ya.. today went by slow.. lunch, we put 2 tables to gether. one for our backpacks the other for us.  lol but i was squashed at the end because i always am moving around..... i eat standing up its so weird. Then, i signed the 'Relay For Life' team thing and gotsa bring in my $10.00 bucks tomoroow!!!! then the rest of the day was BORIN-G! nothing happened! then me and Danijela walked and talked afterschool about people, and what we thought of them. lol.. it was great! well, im home now. and redoing my science posterboard since i did it WRONG!!!! grr.... t2ul

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Dani gurrl!!! [15 Feb 2005|08:02pm]
[ mood | ur mom? ]

woo hoo!! look who it is Dani!!!!! (aka...BeachBlondeBarbieDEUX)!!!! sorry, i just had to put u on here because you are the bomb!


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[14 Feb 2005|08:03pm]
[ mood | bored ]

me as a BABY!!!





i didnt know it was taking a pic:


DORK FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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New Pic :) [12 Feb 2005|07:32pm]
[ mood | <---haha... cooool! ]

hope ya like:

isnt this cool!! took in backyard and its cool the palm trees all bright and the weather all blackgray:

random is fun!

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[12 Feb 2005|04:46pm]
You scored as Prep/Jock/Cheerleader.




Ghetto gangsta










Drama nerd




What's Your High School Stereotype?
created with QuizFarm.com
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[11 Feb 2005|05:43pm]
[ mood | drained ]

wow.. today was kinda boring. lol

BEFORE SCHOOL: we had to drop my sister off at North Canyon, because i got a ride with them so i didnt have to walk in the rain, then got at my school pretty early because noone was here but found Julie off the bat, then Heather came by and hung with us! i havent talked to her in forever!!! then all of a sudden, out of the blue, Julia comes up with Racheal but were waiting for Stephen, Danijela and Shannons bus, and Julia rides it but got a ride to school. then Shannon comes out of the blue but she had to get her physical thats why she was here.. then Stephen and Danijelas bus comes so we walk with them, but then they leave us to g oto t he office so its me and julie and heather again and we just talk until the bell rings, then spanish!

1st Period (Spanish): ya.. this class was kinda boring... we had to present our 'Mi Familia' Power Points in the computer lab right next dorr and Zulon got in HUGE trouble because he put 2 guys what looked like they were in a bar and he got a 0 on his PP and he BLAMED me for not telling him about it but i NEVER saw that slide, so that made me mad... but i presented and got 165 because i used words we didnt learn yet :) lol.. always me,,, thinking ahead!

2nd Period (Science): we took a quiz.... wow!

10 MINUTE BREAK: me and julie walked Katherine (who has cruches) to ms. hofers then i got a mega bite and we just walked around until it was class time.

3rd Period (Newspaper): the papers didnt come on time so we didnt pass them out that period but they were threatening to make us miss our lunch to pass out newspaper.. sorry, but i will NEVER miss a lunch!!!!!!!!!!! so i wasnt going to go and help if they did, and neither was Britnee because she had a 'Writing For College' quiz.. lol... so we were like 'screw that!' but luckily they were taking us out 6th period to pass it out....

LUNCH: ya... i forgot what i ate, but ya so i sat and talked and walked over  to the valentines day stand to talk to the workers because i know them all lol...then went back in and just sat and ate and we were talking about the Paris Hilton Sex Tape.. hahaha

5th Period (PE): it was a rainy day so we got to play basketball.... that was an easy day, and i AM good at pickleball cory! gosh damn! lol

6th Period (Math): got out to pass out newspapers lol.....

7th Period (English): Mr. Smith was telling us horrible and sad stories about some of his students who have it bad.. like this one kid whos mom is his sister and whos dad is also his grandpa...... that really was depressing.. and also this kid whos mom took crack over him and his grandaparents didnt want him because he looked "too much like his father" and he was put in a care home and his roomate tried choking him.... it really made me think how GOOD i have it..... that class is my favorite now..

AFTER SCHOOL: i  hung out with Danijela and Stephen and Kyle's mom gave me a ride home!! THANKS SO MUCH AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really didnt want to walk! lol


well, thats it for ya...  :)


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Heres The Thiiing..... [10 Feb 2005|07:13pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

so what is up!

today.was.fun! there were no yelling, no fights, Nothing! i had fun! Stephen was being stupid in Spanish and looking up 'goth' dolls on the google. lol..

then second period, me and tiffany just wrote to each other and we sit RIGHT next to each other! funnay funnay!

at the 10 minute break.. julie and i bought food and stood and ate and i went up with Brittnee because she would get a Louis Vuitton(sp?) from her aunt if she askeda  boy to Sadie Hawkins, so she asked this one kid.. lol... it was soo cool because i couldnt have the nerve to go up to a girl and ask that lol... but she gets her prize! lol

3rd period i was mad because me and brittnee could have gotten the cafeteria story together and could have gone to a high school to eat for a day.. my choise would have been North Canyon, but Paige got the story with her :( oh well.. i got 'AIM Obsessions' which i wanted and 'Prom Preview'... boring stories this time, but i hope i get a page :)

Lunch... ummm... my stomache was KILLING me, but i went over to Julie at the Valentines table and talked with her while everyone was getting FOOOOD... because i wasnt hungry.. so i go back in and sit with everyone, and nothing happened.. which is good lol

PE was REALLY lame.. Wyatt and Cory were being dumbasses and i am the BEST at 'Pickleball'!! whatchya talking about!! SEGREGATION i tell ya!!!!!!!!! no paddle, pfft.. i could care less.. just kidding... funny stuff

Math... boring.. the sub was REALLY creepy!!! he memerized ALL our names but i got the work done so its all good!

then English was really fun.. i told the story about me and Elyse one time getting in trouble because we though molly said 'What the HAIR' when she said 'What the HELL' but noone really got it.. Elyse, i will NEVER forget that story!!! after then i got soo mad at molly! lol.. the turning point! lol

after school i caught up with Kyle and Rachael and then Cory came by and was telling us how he saw Jennys boobs and describing them for us.. sorry, but shes my  friend.. i didnt want to have that thought of a friend in my mind like that.. gross man!


I had to walk home!! it was HORRIBLE!!!! it was BLOWING wind and dripping... grrrrr... then i found out all i had to do was call my dad and he would have picked me up!!! wtf! lol

gotta go.. hope you all had fun today too!!! lol

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Rumors are annoying! [09 Feb 2005|08:10pm]
[ mood | full ]



I DO NOT LIKE BRANDEE like that!! I count her a friend and i dont LIKE her Like her!!!!  i gave her a rose because i still felt bad about what i said about that kid.. it was rude, and i was just apologizing and plus Julie and Jubissa were wanting me to buy one and i didnt really know who to buy one for because everyone would have been mad no matter who i picked!

so no .. i dont like her that way! lol.. sill-ay sill-ay people.....


I got my UNITOWN interview today!!! ooo i hope i make it so badly!!!!! i really want to try and get to expand my horizons with people and really try to understand the stereotype thing.. it should be cool...


ugh.. my parents are really big snoops! i know I complain about it alot, but they dont need to know EVERY detail of my life!! it makes me so mad, if i was to snoop on them im sure i would find stuff they didnt want to know!! everyone deserves privacy, thats why i can NEVER write anything i feel on this thing or anything in emails!!! it makes me mad!!! but ya... i mean, i am not going to care because it's what i feel and im going to say what i feel and i shouldnt get in trouble for it because then its just invasion of privacy.. parents or not, there needs to be a fine line!

so today was fun! i dunno WHY it just was FUN! i think i feel better knowing that the stupid thing that was on my mind i can finally get over.. i just was feeling this stupid thought but now i talked it out and im over it! so im back to mahself :)

ugh, im sick from the golden panda orange chicken.. im NEVER getting it again! it always gets me sick!

im loving newspaper now! i dont know why i was so mad at everyone before, but everyone is sooo cool and they are nice and I am really glad i didnt drop it.. im glad me and brittnee can finally get to really connect with everyone again.. i like that class!

so, how come i always get compliments on my weight? people think im really skinny and saying im lucky.. lol.. wow... thanks??? i hate my weight.. i definatly need to gain more before i literally become a twig! i weight 124 lol.. but im tall so it all works out!!!

we//, good night!!!

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is HATE really a strong word? [08 Feb 2005|05:59pm]

you know, without gel, i would have REALLY dry hair lol

Nicole: THE BREAK! THE BREAK!! THE BREAK!!!!!!</p> </p>car screeches and stops</p> </p>Nicole(deep voice): the breeeeaak!</p>
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[08 Feb 2005|10:35am]
[ mood | bored ]

hey! wow! when i was walking to school today It literally felt like 'FRIDAY THE 13th' today!!! aggh.. ok so i was walking and then under this persons car was this plack cat with like yellow glaring eyes at me.. it was freaking creepy! then as i walk on the busy road, i almost fell into the middle of the road when a car almost came by!!! then to make it the worst, i was walking and i look on the ground to my right, which is a long rocky path thing, and LAYING there with its paws all out was a DEAD CAT!!!! then when you walk closer, his head is all bloody and ripped off! there was no head.. there were scratches all over its body!!! it was sooo freaking creepy!! i was literally having an anxiety attacks.. i hate cats but to see it just LAYING there dead was so gross..

track practice today.... :\ blah.. i dont want to gooooo!! oh well.. ill go today! lol it will be fun i guess... ya right! oh well.....

i wonder is Kayleigh told Stephen what we found out... he prolly will never talk to us again! oh well! you dont post something on a public website and think people wont see it!

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[06 Feb 2005|10:37am]

ok, heres that HORRIBLE Homecoming pic that i think a couple of you wanted to see!!! its horrible! i look albino in the skin, and my HAIR!!! yiiiiikes!!!


i took these last night! lol.. it was fun!! but they came out ok i guess:


the lighting in this pic makes my cheeks look 2 shades different!!

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[05 Feb 2005|11:13am]
[ mood | <-- as usual ]

% # [ / CRAP.
first name:Kyle

age: 15
birthdate: December 13th, 1989
birthplace: Phoenix
current location: Phoenix
hair color: brown
length: short?
height: 5'11
eye color: blue
siblings?: courtney & kara
pets?: -

% # [ / CURRENT.
current clothing: my pajamas!
current hair: all over the place

current time: 11:14pm
current date: friday, january 21st
current thoughts: my weekend...
current sounds/music: South
current food: nothing now
current beverage: water
current taste: nothing?
current mood: tired
current worry: my C in journalism...!

% # [ / LAST PERSON YOU...

spoke to: Jamie
had a conversation with: DJ
instant messaged: Chris
emailed: Stephen P.
hugged: Dani
yelled at: Michelle
dissed: Michelle
made plans with: Julie, DJ
called on the phone: Danijela
talked to on the phone: Danijela
said 'hi' to: my parents this morning
were excited to see: noone.. lol
wished you were with: noone right now
had a dream about: i was in a factory working with Toy Easter Bunnies?? lol
fought with: Michelle
made a joke about: noone
laughed with: cant remember.
cried about: havent
told a secret to: Dani
rode in the car with: dad

% # [ / LAST...

item of food you consumed: bread
liquid you drank: water
store you went to: i went to the Ortho?? is that a store?
place you drove to: i dont drive
item you spent money on: french fries @ school
song you listened to : Memory
cd you bought: i dont remember!
time you showered: this morning
tv program you watched: Newlyweds :\
time you made a fool of yourself in public: singing really loud in Math and everyone hearing
time you had a fight with your parents: on tuesday
time you got grounded: its been a while since ive been last grounded
time you cried: feeling really sick and tired.
vacation you took: prescott for church camp

% # [ / DO YOU..

dye your hair: yes
smoke: no
speak another language: spanish
drink: no
shower daily: 2 times a day!
lie a lot: yes
make fun of others to their face: when im REALLY mad!
go to more than 5 concerts a year: haha no!

% # [ / HAVE YOU..

lied to your parents: yes
cheated: yes
been rejected: yeah
asked someone out: yeah
colored/died your hair: yes
done something you didnt want to just for someone to like you: no... i dont stoop to a low level
done anything you regret: yes
fallen asleep during a movie: if it sucks, then ya!
gotten in a physical fight: no
been suspended: no
had a reaccuring dream: yes
made dinner for your family: yes
slept for more than 12 hours at a time: no
stayed up for 24 hours straight: yes
ran away: no
complimented someone and not ment it: yes

% # [ / FAVORITE..

place in the world to be: California!
place to live: ive always lived here, but i hate Phoenix!
color: green
color combination: brown and light blue (my AIM font)
outfit: haha... i could care less
article of clothing: shoes?
actress: Emmy Rossum (phantom of the opera)
movie: The Ring lol
tv show: Simple Life (makes me laugh EVERY time)
band: The Killers
cd: i like THE OC Mix's 1 & 2 CDs
song: "Paint The Silence" by South
type of movie: comedy
memory: too many!
season: winter
time of year: december
holiday: christman
type of music: rock
food: mcdonalds french fries
drink: red bull
candy: swedish fish
radio station: 103.9 and 104.7 LOL
sport: Track, y Cross Country
sport to watch: tennis
thing to do: hang out with the gang!
person to go to for advice: Dani and Danijela... sometimes DJ
person who makes you happy: friends
person makes you laugh: Danijela and Stephen always can crack a smile on my face! so can Brandee
website: myspace.com
thing to do on the weekend: hang out with friends
thing to do alone: listen to music
thing to do when stressed out: listen to music.
book: i dont really read.
thing to do when bored: listen to music
teacher: i have to say my 3,5,6 grade teacher Mrs. Crain because i had her for 3 years! she was the best!
relative: i dont choose favorites
time of day: day
day of the week: wednesday's

% # [ / WHAT..

pisses you off: when you tell someone something and they go blab it all around... thats a backstabber!
is a pet peeve of yours: when people talk REALLY fast
do you look for in a girl: personality :)
do you talk about with friends: our crazy sex jokes :) lol
cd is in your cd player currently: The Format, The Killers

are 5 things 5 feet away from you?
- printer
- lamp
- TV
- phone
- CD player

5 things you've consumed in the last 24 hours?:
- water
- McDonalds
- pringles
- wheat thins
- coca cola

5 things youve said today to someone:
- hey
- ok ill do that
- sure
- that's hot
- loves it

makes you happy?: my friends and music
makes you cry: bad things
is your biggest fear? snakes
is your biggest goal?: 4.0 i guess :\
is the one most important thing to you in life: friends and family

what is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex: tan or not.. dunno WHY! lol
number one most important: personality
preferable hair color: brown
eye color: any color is fine
hair style: long
height: same height as me
personality characteristics: funny and relatable

% # [ / FRIENDS

best friend: Dani, Dan
most daring: Brandee
funniest: Danijela
craziest: Dan
shy: none
mature: Briana
dumbest: none...
smartest: michan
best to be around: all
friend you had to be put in a room with for a week and wouldnt get annoyed with: Danijela
one most like you: Chris
coolest: all
most likely to be a millionare: DJ
most likely to be on fbi's most wanted: none! luckily!!!

% # [ / END

ending time: 11:36
currently listening to: nothing at them oment
what did you think of this survey: it was hot!

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Boring Days are the WORST [04 Feb 2005|07:44pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

today had to be the most BORING day in my life!!!!!!! i mean, school was........ BORING!!! NOTHING happen and usually something does! maybe its because a lot of people were absent.... that stupid virus thing going around.. ya i had a little flu bug for awhile but for 2 days luckily!! but ya nothing happened!!

oh, at lunch they were serving 'breaded chicken' and when everyone came with there plate, since im on my controversial "health" diet... EVERYTIME someone or i tell someone about it, they freak out!! when i mean that i mean eat healthy food!!! not starve myself! im skinny as it is! more weight i lose, ill turn aneroxic! ha! but ya i was looking at the chicken. it looked REALLY gross and im like 'thats so gross!' but OF COURSE!!! i tried it! so i took a bite!! and i literally choked on a BONE!! a BONE in school food!!!!!! i was like IM SUING THEM!!! lol jk!!! but it was so hilarious! ha! then i threw it away but it was really gross!

it was funny after school. me and danijela and shannon and stephen were waiting by the bus stop, and then theres a group of some of my friends (Tiffany, Brittany) and Corey was just STANDING in the middle of this circle , like there was going to be a fight or something and everyone huddles, and of course it was nothing and Stephen whispers to everyone 'lets get away from this group! there the trash group!' it was REALLY mean but SOOO funny!!!!! haha....... ya, were MUCH better then them! just kidding!

but i get home and just SHOVE my face with food. i dunno why i was soo hungry!! i seriously ate nonstop for 2 hours just shoving my face, but now its catching up with my stomache!!!

LeT mE dO mY 1,2 sTeP!!!!!

^^^ sorry, i just had to!!!

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I'm sick and tired of this!!! [03 Feb 2005|07:04pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

ok.. why is my opinions SOOO important to people! me and danijela were on the phone just a couple of minutes and she brought up a GREAT point! how come this past week, everything i said has to be discussed and talked about criticized/praised... its my opinion.. leave it as that.. you dont need to talk about it! just hear it. leave it alone. dont need to discuss..

Michelle, you are a backstabber and its sad to think i could TRUST you with things i told you, and you going and telling my friends about it! that is so fucked up! Even though it was about you, you didnt have to tell everyone my opinions about the issue of you and your friends... im done!!!

this week has just been been my week !!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks Jess for these lyrics! i kinda like the song too!!

(Hear me... Hear me)

You gotta be out there
You gotta be somewhere
Wherever you are
I’m waiting…
Cause there are these nights when
I sing myself to sleep
And I’m hoping my dreams bring
You close to me
Are you listening?

Hear me I’m crying out
I’m ready now
Turn my world upside down
Find me
I’m lost inside this crowd
It’s getting loud
I need you to see
I’m screaming for you to please
Hear me...hear me... hear me

Can you hear me?

hear me

I used to be scared of
Letting someone in
But it gets so lonely
Being on my own
With no one to talk to and
No one to hold me
I’m not always strong
Oh I need you here

Are you listening?

Hear me I’m crying out
I’m ready now
Turn my world upside down
Find me
I’m lost inside this crowd
It’s getting loud
I need you to see
I’m screaming for you to please
Hear me

I’m restless and wild
I fall but I try
I need someone to understand
(Can you hear me?)
I’m lost in my thoughts
And baby I’ve fought
For all that I’ve got
Can you hear me?

Hear me I’m crying out
I’m ready now
Turn my world upside down
Find me
I’m lost inside this crowd
It’s getting loud
I need you to see
I’m screaming for you to please
Hear me

Hear me Hear me Hear me

Can you hear me?

Hear me Hear me Hear me

Can you hear me?

Hear me Hear me Hear me

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Tieing up Loose Ends [02 Feb 2005|07:04pm]
[ mood | bored ]

so this past week has been sorta... blah! i mean, its just those average weeks. I have been talking to alot of people who i was kinda friends with, but not talking to more. Which is good, because its great to have friends lol...

well ya, today i was in a real upset mood because people took what i said yesterday out of context, and i really didnt mean it in that way, but sometimes, they take things WAY to serious which isnt good. so i was ignoring them.. it wasnt that bad but then at lunch Michelle told me that Danijela told her and Brittany which got me much mad! but at the end of the day, we made up because she told me she forgot how but shes really sincere and shes soo cool so i apologized also, and it all worked!

school is soo boring! gahh..... weekends a coming though! going with Julie to the movie, hopefully, and MAYBE working on the film project with the gang, but we still have to see about it. brandee and i did not talk today... well see what happenes...

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